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Teleport (formerly Gravitational) needed to meet SaaS providers’ demand for deploying and managing their applications across multiple environments, including on-prem, private cloud and public cloud. SaaS providers needed such infrastructure flexibility to service enterprises requiring particular security and regulatory requirements. Through its Gravity product, formerly called Telekube (multi-regional Kubernetes for deploying and managing distributed applications), Gravitational sought to solve the SaaS portability and security problem by onboarding SaaS providers to Kubernetes, and helping them to deliver Kubernetes to various remote environments.

Teleport’s team chose InfluxData as the high availability remote monitoring and alerting platform for the Kubernetes clusters they offer SaaS providers. They use InfluxDB to monitor Kubernetes both as a system component and applications running on top of it. Using InfluxData’s platform, Teleport enabled SaaS providers to deliver portability and security, and thereby gain clients they would otherwise have been unable to service.

Monitor Kubernetes

Better insights into the health and status of containers

Improved competitive advantage

Able to attract prospects sensitive to audit logging and data security

Become data-driven

Enabling clients to understand their worldwide microservice architectures

Technologies Used

“It’s a unique product that provides features like clustering, commercial support, and data retention that matter a lot for us. That’s why we picked InfluxData and that’s why several years ago, we rolled out our first integration with InfluxData for the Kubernetes clusters that we deploy.”

- Sasha Klizhentas, CTO, Teleport

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