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Vonage Success Story

Vonage (formerly NewVoiceMedia) is a cloud service company. Its award-winning ContactWorld platform is the first global true-cloud contact center solution designed to improve sales team efficiency and provide personalized service to every inquiry. ContactWorld helps organizations worldwide build a more personal relationship with every customer or prospect.

Vonage needs to maintain a 99.999% availability guarantee for their customers using their contact center solution. High customer call reliability is critical especially when dealing with tens of thousands of calls simultaneously since even a small percentage of dropped calls very quickly turns into huge customer dissatisfaction issues. Vonage uses InfluxData to enhance their monitoring solution in order to monitor their complete cloud-based solution and ensure they can meet their service guarantees.

InfluxData enhanced Vonage’s technology stack in order to contain costs and provide deeper insights. The existing systems alone could not handle the volume of metrics and events their systems produced let alone support gathering data at millisecond intervals leading to even larger data volumes.

The result: Vonage is now able to gain real-time visibility into their service’s metrics and events, meeting callers’ sky-high expectations for seamless cloud communication and bridging the gap between telephony and data. They use InfluxData in conjunction with New Relic for insight on their entire stack, powered by the millisecond resolution metrics they needed to achieve the response times and analyze future performance.

24,000 +

Number of data points collected per second

500,000 - 1 million

Amount of phone calls per minute

200 million

Total number of time series collected

Technologies Used

“InfluxDB has become our go-to database choice. Often if we are using a different tool, we figure out how to get data out of the tool into InfluxDB. It’s easier to use, performs better, and is cheaper.”

- Jack Tench​, Senior Software Engineer, Vonage

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