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Aquicore is the leading IoT-driven smart asset operations platform for commercial real estate. They offer a cloud-based platform to track, analyze and predict building and energy data in real time to unlock portfolio-grade insights.

They needed to enable centralized data collection and analysis in their cloud platform to monitor building systems for Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry professionals in real time. It was critical for Aquicore to use the latest IoT data ingestion, storage and aggregation technology to automate billing, drive insights, optimize performance, and inform decision-making for property managers, building engineers and accounting — all in a single platform.

Aquicore chose InfluxDB Cloud as its managed time series database to collect and store metrics and event data from utility meters, submeters, building equipment and environmental conditions of the buildings to help their SaaS solution deliver real-time and actionable insights.

250M square feet office space

Deployed at 700+ commercial real estate buildings

Replaced PostgreSQL

Required high data ingestion and aggregation levels


Reducing carbon footprint by reducing monthly utility bills

Technologies Used

“The name of the game is all about how fast can we build high-quality software in production. I don’t want to be worried about building my own time series database. I don’t want to even be worried about managing my own time series database…By using InfluxDB Cloud, we’ve got that whole responsibility lifted off our shoulders.”

- Mike Donovan, VP of Products, Aquicore

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