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Aptira (Aptira Pty Ltd) is a cloud solutions company based in Australia with offices in India and Taiwan. Aptira provides cloud solutions to enterprises, internet service providers & telecommunications companies, all over the world. They specialize in the architecture, engineering, delivery and management of cloud and network services and are trusted all over the world by service providers, government, educational and enterprise customers of all sizes.

While working on a large telecom project, Aptira employed InfluxDB platform to set up closed-loop monitoring of all the components including ONAP components, Apigee and OpenStack infrastructure, as well as integrate it with the orchestration solution, Cloudify. The team at Aptira found that the InfluxDB platform was easy to set up and get running, with the help of InfluxData’s Docs. Additionally, they appreciated the variety of plugins made available with Telegraf as well as how simple it was to set up alerts with Kapacitor.

Real-time insights

Analysis of clients’ infrastructure and network

Competitive advantage

Improved orchestration for telco clients

Reduced downtime

Faster real-time alerting

Technologies Used

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