IoT Agenda | Are time series databases the key to handling the IoT data deluge?

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Publication: IoT Agenda
Title: Are time series databases the key to handling the IoT data deluge?
Author: David Simmons

Abstract: This article by David Simmons explains why time series databases are the solution to keeping up with the flow of data — one of the major challenges in the IT industry today. Simmons writes that consumer and industrial sensors, for example, can produce dozens of data streams per device, all of which “must be ingested into some sort of searchable database in real time.” He notes that time series databases are designed specifically to ingest, store and query time series data because it’s different than other types of data. He mentions that as time series data has grown, so has awareness of the need for specific systems for time series data. This growing data problem, and the growth of time series databases, has created a whole new category of database vendors; this is why, as he explains, over the past 24 months, time series databases have been the fastest growing segment of the database market.


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