Customer Category: Infrastructure and Application Monitoring


Flagsmith allows customers to manage feature flags across web, mobile and server side applications, delivering true continuous integration. Flagsmith can be used on its hosted API, deployed to your own private cloud, or run on-prem. The company is helping clients …

Flagsmith Read More » is the creator of Mist, the open source multi-cloud management platform. helps its clients manage the complexities of using a mix of public and private clouds, hypervisors, containers and bare metals. Its platform streamlines its customers’ operations, optimizes … Read More »


Allscripts is an industry leader in electronic health record (EHR) system integration and healthcare information technology with over 30 years of experience. The company aims to partner with its clients to innovate and make open, connected communities of care possible. …

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Farmpulse is an Australian agribusiness that provides end-to-end solutions for acquiring, storing and reporting remote sensor data. By using advancements in both remote data transfer technology and cloud-based data management, they provide practical, simple on- farm information gathering and interpretation …

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Sapinet is a French data center that has been hosting virtual private servers (VPS) and websites since 2018. Sapinet offers customers various hosting options to ensure they receive services that best fit their hosting needs. All offerings include remote backups, …

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Nobl9 is a tool for site reliability engineers (SREs) to track service level objectives (SLOs) and error budgets. Nobl9 pride themselves in providing customers the ability to unify the software development process and enable the successful delivery of more reliable software …

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Rosca Holdings Group

Flavian Rosca was an IT Analyst at The Sherwin-Williams Company when he first discovered InfluxDB. At the time, their team had implemented InfluxDB while stress-testing their existing applications. He was intrigued, so he decided to look into InfluxData and InfluxDB …

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Axians is a French, VINCI Energies brand. They help organizations deploy cloud services efficiently and securely for a more agile and efficient operation. Axians is dedicated to providing customers, which include private-sector companies, public-sector entities, operators and service providers, with …

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Storj Labs

Storj (pronounced storage), created by Storj Labs, is an open source decentralized cloud storage platform where anyone can sell their extra hard drive space for STORJ tokens. Unlike traditional cloud storage providers, Storj keeps data spread across a decentralized network, …

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Web Shop Fly

Web Shop Fly is utilizing InfluxDB’s TICK Stack to help them become a modern, customer-oriented, prosperous and evolving company.

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